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Building a New Website

One of the advantages of using WordPress is that there are many third-party WordPress themes with distinctive looks that can be used for the visual design of a website.

Our WordPress site includes:

  • Complete WordPress-driven website
  • Home page and additional pages created with your content
  • A blog, if desired (entirely optional)
  • A contact form
  • Responsive Design
  • ShareThis social media links
  • Training for using the WordPress Dashboard yourself (if requested)
  • Visitor count and statistics

Here’s what I’ll do:

  • Place your logo so that it displays prominently on each page. (If you don’t have a logo, we can create a simple graphic with your company name.)
  • Display your tagline, if you have one, prominently.
  • Replace images in the theme with your own images
  • If the theme has several color-scheme options, use the one you like best
  • Remove features you don’t want or need from the Home Page, Sidebar and Footer
  • Add standard WordPress features you want in locations in the theme design where they can be placed
  • Make adjustments to navigation menus
  • Meticulously adjust everything so that it looks and works great.

Need Something More?

If there is a feature or function you would like to have included with your website, just ask. There are lots of small additions I’ll gladly include at no extra charge. If a feature will be time-consuming or complicated to add, there will be additional charges, and I’ll provide an estimate.

We usually need to charge extra for:

  • Making significant changes to the overall look of the pages
  • Making significant changes to the layout of the pages
  • Creating additional pages, or large or complex pages
  • Setting up galleries of photos or videos
  • Adding features or functions to the theme.