Sarah Grace Photography

Sarah Grace Photography

Sarah Grace Photography


Sarah (Grace) Filipi offers a variety of photography skills and Fine Art prints.  

Sarah’s life took a wide turn in 2013 when she decided to pursue a career as a photographer & entrepreneur. After years in the legal industry, she had her, “it’s now or never” moment. Sarah braced herself for the unknown & is grateful for all the surprising opportunities that came her way!

Sarah’s respect for the natural environment shapes her life & business. A year-long personal art & recycling project, R-365, was featured in the Minneapolis Star Tribune newspaper, landed her opportunities with the Recycling Association of Minnesota, awarded her an Anoka County Recycling Champion and took my art to New York City, Paris & Chicago!

While sustainability & environmental endeavors propel Sarah, she also loves to travel. Traveling provides gobs of jaw-dropping landscapes, stunning architecture & new friends!