Integrating Your Business Processes

Recently, I had some fun discussions about finding ways to make business processes more efficient, i.e. integrating business processes.

One of my clients?has his customers submit event and venue information (text and images) that then become blog?posts.? Translated: lots of cut and paste.??One of our new actions was to set up a submission form to automatically create a WordPress post.? It seems to be working as planned and hopefully, will save them time creating new site posts.

This conversation got me to thinking about finding other ways to “take sand out of the gears”.? What are processes that you can create that make your daily tasks easier and more efficient?

One tool “Zapier” offers 100’s of ways to connect data from various apps or websites together.? Here are some of the examples that I found that might apply to your?business:

ZAPIER Integrations

  • Create WordPress posts from Gravity Forms submissions
  • Create WordPress posts from other new WordPress posts (even to different sites)
  • Upload Media file from Gravity Forms submission
  • Post New WordPress Posts to Facebook Page automatically
  • Post Your New WordPress Posts to LinkedIn automatically
  • Tweet Your New WordPress Posts automatically
  • Add Your Blog Post to Instagram automatically
  • Share new WordPress posts on Pinterest automatically
  • Send emails from Gmail with new WordPress posts
  • Add new Gravity Forms submissions to an Excel spreadsheet
  • Save new Gravity Forms submissions to a Google Sheets spreadsheet
  • Create or update Google contact from Gravity form submission
  • Create or update iContact contact from Gravity form submission
  • Send Gravity Form leads to MailChimp/Constant Contact/AWeber
  • Create HubSpot contacts from Gravity Forms submissions
  • Create Salesforce Leads via Gravity Forms
  • Save Gravity Forms submissions in Airtable

And 100?s of other integrations.

If you to discuss any of these ideas, please don’t hesitate to call me.