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What is Google My Business?

Google My Business Setup

Google My Business “connects you directly with customers, whether they’re looking for you on Search, Maps or Google+.” Google My Business functions as the intermediary between your business and local customers searching for your services across the wide world of Google.

Google My Business is a listing that has advantages for every kind of business. Whether you focus on both online and in-person customers or you limit your selling to your physical location, you can grow your business with the help of Google Places. By verifying and editing your business information, you can both help customers find you and tell them the story of your business.


  • Manage how your business information appears across Google, including Search and Maps, using Google My Business—for free.
  • Interact with customers new and old and tell them the story of your business.

There are three different types of Google pages:

  1. Personal Google+ Page
  2. Google My Business Brand Page (aka Google+ Brand page)
  3. Google My Business Location Page (aka Google+ Local page)

As you might have guessed, Google created the last two profiles specifically for businesses, while they created the first for storing personal preferences across Google properties and social networking on Google Plus. Your personal page is also the parent account by which you can create a brand page or location page.

Google Plus Personal Page:

Add or claim your business: Once you create a Google account, Google automatically generates a Google Plus personal page for you. Use your personal page for social networking on G+ and managing/tracking your preferences when using Google properties like Gmail, Google Drive, YouTube, Google Play, Google Photos or Maps.

Your personal Google+ page is not for business purposes, but you’ll need a personal account to create a Google My Business brand or location page.

Google My Business Brand Page (aka “Google+ Brand Page”)

If you’re a personal brand (athlete, celebrity, or artist), an organization, or small business like a medical practice, you can create a Google My Business brand page so that you can reach out to followers, fans and customers on Google Plus. (Not to be confused with your Google My Business location page).

And if you’re looking to manage your brand page within Google Plus, stop looking. It’s not there anymore. Google moved brand pages over to the Google My Business dashboard. Now you can manage both your location page and your brand page from within Google My Business.

Google My Business Location Page (aka “Google+ Local Page”)

In the beginning, Google created a giant mess when they started integrating Google Plus social features into Google Places for Business. That mess was Google+ Local (the marriage of G+ and Google Places). Now, you can create, verify and manage your location page in Google My Business. Though it’s still technically a Google+ Local page, now it’s called a Google My Business location page.

Google My Business integrates all of Google’s available business properties under one dashboard. And, moving forward, rather than having a Google+ Local dashboard, a Google+ Brand page dashboard or any other combination of pages for your local practice, you’ll just have one: your Google My Business dashboard.

Merging Your Brand Page with Your Location Page in Google My Business

If you created a Google My Business brand page on accident, or if you created one back when Google launched Google+ Brand pages because you thought you were supposed to, don’t worry. You can merge your brand page with your local page.


Google My Business marks a giant step forward for your medical practice’s local search presence on Google. By unifying all of their business properties, Google has simplified local search visibility for small businesses.

Let’s face it, prior to GMB, managing your local presence on Google was a giant headache. Actually, it was more like a migraine that never ended. Now, it’s pretty simple (with a few brain freezes here and there).

Perhaps the most significant benefit of Google My Business came with the consolidation of all business properties under one brand name. Now, you either own a Google My Business location page (aka Google+ Local page), a Google My Business brand page (Google+ Brands page), or both. Either way, it’s all just Google My Business, thus eliminating a lot of confusion for the user.


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